Related Companies

Our company was founded in 2009. We are specialized in cooling, packaging and transporting our organic vegetables. In order to offer a wider range of products, we are  also responsible for centralization and packaging organic vegetables from fellow growers.

Hamerlinck lv: we produce organic vegetables. More information on the website

Aveschootshoeve: our self picking garden started in 2012. More information on the website

The organic greenhouse: in order to shorten the chain we try to grow vegetables close to our customers. At our company ‘The organic greenhouse’ in Etten-Leur and Poortvliet in the Netherlands, we grow organic tomato, cucumber and pepper for our Dutch customers.

The Organic trust farms: our company in Queretaro, Mexico, produces cucumbers for the American market. The reason for starting this company is among other things to avoid the transport which is a polluting factor. In Mexico, we are able to have a yearround production.